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A unique, design aesthetic imbued with elegance and tranquillity.

Japanese design, both new and old, possesses innate simplicity of form and of material. Colour palettes tend to be muted and nature-inspired. Natural wood teamed with a palette of parchment white and neutral. Accented with black, indigo or graphite grey. A flash of red, perhaps, or a shot of mineral green. Subtle, nuanced schemes lend calm. However, colour, brights, and intricate detail abound, if you know where to look. Consider the silk kimono-clad lady in the prettiest palette of pastel brights. The vividly decorated and adorned floats are seen at Japanese festivals. The pretty pink clouds of cherry blossom in flower across the landscape during Spring. We hope you enjoy our small but growing collection of Japanese designs for the home. Sign up here for subscriber-only discounts and to keep abreast of what’s New In!