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The colourful and decorative Portuguese style of hand-painting on ceramics works remarkably well in eclectic modern interiors!

Decorative homewares from Portugal are often an eye-catching addition when styled in a modern interior. Hand-painted ceramics, renowned worldwide for their unique looks, are imbued with artisanal craftsmanship and seem to add soul and a story to clean-lined, minimalist spaces. Their appeal is due, in large part, to the instantly memorable ‘Azulejos’ tradition of blue and white tiles, often used to adorn the exterior of buildings and churches in beautiful, cosmopolitan Portuguese cities such as Porto and Lisbon (if you want to read more about a wonderful Porto road trip around the environs of Porto – click here!)

Our small but growing edit of decorative homewares from Portugal, both new and old, starts with vintage hand-painted ceramics. For more country-specific looks head here or sign up for subscriber-only discounts and to keep abreast of what’s New In!