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Eclectic, Destination-Inspired Wallpaper

We love wallflowers…

Don’t be shy! Luxury, eclectic wallpaper designs from culturally inspired, independent creatives – often exploring their own global heritage – will inject any room with colour, character and unique style. The range of traditional global motifs and patterns is limitless. So too, are the manifold ways in which historically meaningful motifs can – respectfully – be reimagined and recreated as wallpapers for modern homes. And so with light, proportions, and space considered, hang eye-catching, confident wallpapers for instant decorative impact.

Furthermore, patterned wall art looks incredible, layered over patterned walls. So, flex your maximalist inner-eccentric and visit our Framed Textiles gallery for further inspiration. You could also sign up here for subscriber-only discounts and to keep abreast of what’s New In!