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South-East Asia

Stunning landscapes and incredible, architectural and cultural design heritage.

Unique cultural heritage abounds among the individual countries that make up South East Asia. And yet, there are also similarities of colour, style and aesthetic that derive from the many religious, geographic and societal norms shared and spread across the ages. South-East Asian ceramics, textiles and handicrafts – display incredible artisanal skill and convey centuries-old craft traditions. A welcome and vibrant addition to the most modern of interiors.

Such destination-inspired design constantly inspires us. Mix heritage patterns with modern furniture to keep things smart, fresh and directional. Team unique colour palettes & cultural motifs with clean-lined, modern accessories. Read our definition of ‘destination-inspired design’ via the TS Decorates blog and learn six key design takeaways. Then discover our South East Asian ceramics, textiles and handicrafts edit below and add travel memories and soul to your own home.

At Telescope Style we seek out, curate and sell elegant, destination-inspired, global homewares for modern living. Items with a direct, unmistakable connection to a country, region, landscape or city. Hence, we source from well-travelled, design-led creatives, with a focus on quality, originality and timelessness as well as supply and eco-credentials. Similarly, we also sell a small but ever-changing selection of vintage and unique finds. Join us on our journey as we edit and expand our collection. Track our travels, meet our makers, have your say and keep informed by signing up to our monthly newsletter. We’d love to have you along for the ride!