Interior Vignette No.1

Eclectic Dining Room Display Inspired By Maasai Beadwork

The first in our new series of ready-styled interior vignettes, this boldly-coloured, beaded Maasai collar necklace from Kenya, framed and re-imagined as wall art, inspired the colour scheme for a curated collection of ceramic planters and coloured-glass vases…

Colourful, rustic pots to house indoor plants with bold, interesting silhouettes were our focus for this dining room sideboard display. We took our cue from the primary colours of the ‘dress-turned-wall-art’ framed beadwork collar, originally handmade in Kenya by Maasai craftspeople. Next, we introduced glowing, vintage, pre-owned or re-found coloured-glass vases. These would add sparkle and catch the light on an imagined table setting and so make a useful and decorative addition sideboard still life.

The wall here is painted in a shade very similar to Slaked Lime from Little Greene and any dark wood sideboard or console table, antique or modern, would provide a suitable surface on which to recreate this look. For more information, to shop the whole edit for an instant interior or browse and buy individual elements, hop across to our product page now or simply click the images or button below.

An interior vignette for a dining room inspired by the bold colours of Kenyan Maasai beadwork.
Boldly-colourful Maasai beadwork detail.
Coloured glassware vases to accessorize a dining room interior vignette.
A yellow-glazed terracotta planter with a Royal blue cut glass vase in the background.
A framed Maasai beadwork collar necklace with yellow gladioli in a vase in the foreground.
A yellow-glazed terracotta pot with a Prayer Plant and a tall, blue cut glass vase in the background.
Detail of the rim if a tall, Royal blue, cut glass vase filled with yellow Gladioli.
Green bottle glass vases and a potted Maidenhair fern.

Interior Vignette No.2

Warm, Neutral Dining Room Display Inspired By An Asian Landscape Print

The second in our new series of ready-styled interior vignettes, this palette was inspired by the sandy, golden tones of a Japanese landscape print and teamed with monochrome and a hot pink accent!

An Asian landscape print – which we believe depicts a lake shore at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan – inspired this scheme of warm neutrals. We chose mainly monochrome accessories and white highlights to complement the muted hues and simple, black frame. Warmer greys and golden highlights teamed with a hot pink accent add light, colour and movement to break up the palette and add contrast.

Our edit of accessories in glass, metal, wood and ceramics comprises decorative tableware including candlesticks, runners, pots and dishes – all would sit happily together if styling a table or sideboard display. As always, contrast is key and we’ve done the hard work for you, assembling an array of interesting objects, mainly pre-loved and re-found with some new, in a variety of shapes and styles. Buy the look or buy individual items using the drop-down on the product page. Head there by clicking the ‘Shop This Look’ button or any of the images below. Happy browsing!

A vintage interior scheme in warm neutrals inspired by an Asian landscape print.
A striped wooden bowl planter.
A pretty pink-leaved house-plant in a vintage, engraved brass bowl. Eclectic, vintage homewares add soul to any styled vignette.
Overhead shot of a pressed glass plate in a golden colour.
A gathered table lampshade on a brass base with decorative accessories on an octagonal side table with a top painted in pale grey.
Two retro, striped, glass vases with gold-coloured detailing and filled with pink hydrangeas.
A vintage Asian - probably Japanese - landscape print in warm beige with gold accents.
A pair of metal beaten tea light holders.